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Mexico maintains its leadership as the world’s largest exporter of avocados with exports growing over 25% in the last decade to US$672 million in 2010 from $73 million in 2000, according to Mexican Business Web.

Until September 2011 Mexico had exported $642.4 million dollars of this product, resulting in an increase of 43.7% over the same period last year.

According to a report by the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), Mexico ranks as the largest producer and exporter of this fruit.

Undersecretary of Agribusiness Promotion of SAGARPA, Ernesto Fernandez Arias was quoted saying the national production of avocados in the last ten years has been positive.

Over the last decade, avocado cultivation area grew on average 2.7% annually, from 94,000 hectares in 2000 to 123,000 hectares in 2010.

Mexico is a world leader in international sales of avocados accounting for 39% of the trade; its main destinations are the United States, Japan and Canada, according to statistics from the United Nations Organisation for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Next in the list of exporting nations are Chile with 12%, Netherlands with 10% and Spain 8%.

Fernandez Arias said the US accounts for 80% of Mexico’s market during the 2006 to 2010 period.

He explained that, nationally, in 2010 avocado production stood at around 1.1 million tonnes, of which 920,000 are provided by Michoacan. This means that the entity has an average monthly supply of 76,000 tonnes.

Ernesto Fernandez Arias said that the state of Michoacan is considered the main producer and exporter of this fruit, providing more than 80% of national production.

All other producing entities are Jalisco, Morelos, Nayarit, Mexico, Guerrero and Yucatan, which together produce over 120,000 tonnes, he said.

Mexico produces seven commercial varieties of avocados: Fuertes, Creole, Bacon, Pinkerton, Gwen, Reed and Hass, the latter is the most in demand in domestic and international markets. Source: Mexican Business Web


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