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Kiwi retail management software company, ​Vend​ is on a huge growth trajectory, seeking to recruit 125 staff globally and 54 in Auckland, to meet the demands of increasing numbers of independent retailers globally who are looking to adopt retail technology to stay competitive in the face of changing consumer shopping behaviour.  

Vend , wiuth its cutting edge retail technology, is looking for growth across the key markets of APAC, UK and in particular North America, where growth is exponential.  

The sheer size of the North American independent retailer market, and the opportunity to reach them through Vend’s partner-led approach to technology, is massive, says Vend CEO Alex Fala (pictured).

“Vend has identified a previously untapped channel to market in North America, via payment processors and resellers, giving us access to tens of thousands of additional on-the-ground sales people across the continent who are selling Vend’s retail software to merchant services as part of their tech stack.  

“We’ve tested the US market and we’re confident that our best-in-class point-of-sale software, combined with our open ecosystem, sets us apart from the competition – giving independent retailers the opportunity to choose their software to best suit their business and their customers.”  

In the US, one of the primary ways in which retailers purchase credit card processing facilities is through a reseller. By tapping into this channel and offering resellers a new revenue stream and a best-of-breed POS product that integrates with retailers’ existing tech stack, Vend has found a unique and strong position in comparison to competitors in North America.  

Vend has launched strategic partnerships with ten of the largest payment processors in North America, including: WorldPay, CardConnect, Evo and North American Bancard, which together account for over NZ$1.2 trillion in card processing volume annually.​  

Shirvani Mudaly, Chief People Officer at Vend says: “As a result of the huge growth we’re undergoing at Vend, we’re hiring 125 people globally, and 54 in Auckland as we scale up for customer growth and to continue to deliver the user experience that our retailers know and love.   

“In the context of a slowing global and New Zealand economy, Vend is bucking the trend with plans to add nearly 50% to our workforce of over 300 people across five global offices.   
“Growth like this brings challenges of course, including how we retain our amazing culture and diversity that Vend is renowned for, and ensuring we keep the bar really high when it comes to recruiting top talent. It’s a great position to be in and an incredibly exciting time for us at Vend.”    

Vend was recently nominated as a finalist for the 2019 Hi Tech Company of the Year Awards and is now in its tenth year of operation, starting in 2010 as the world’s first POS for iOS. For more information visit ​ 

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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