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When things go bump

Untangling the risks in export cargo transit requires sound knowledge of your supply chain and plenty of expert advice.

Designing successful packaging for Export
Using a recent packaging redesign project in China as an example, Malcolm Dale offers some simple rules for successful export packaging design.

Exporting education: Why are we still on the sideline?
Greg Reynolds reviews the in-market Western-style education opportunity in Southeast Asia.

The rise of IP in China
Is it worth getting IP rights in China? Ceri Wells tracks the change of thinking towards intellectual property there.

Going Social
Jan Bierman reviews Going Social in Brazil – a clever social media marketing exercise for the benefit of New Zealand’s international education sector.

How to become globally visible
Eli Beman’s guide to talking your customer’s language.

Chefs on a mission

NZTE’s consulting chef in Shanghai, Robert Oliver, recently returned to New Zealand. In the interim, assistant Jason Cui is continuing key activities showcasing New Zealand food and beverage. Oliver shares his parting thoughts.
Crossing the border
Damon Paling provides some insight on the barriers that still exist at the Chinese border for Kiwi exporters.
Off the shelf
New Zealand’s F&B exporters face a number of barriers when accessing Southeast Asian markets. Cameron Gordon explains the issues and tables some potential solutions.
Commercial contracting with a Chinese counterpart
Many say that in China contracts are not worth the time it takes to create them. Exporter asked Nestor Gounaris of Shanghai-based advisory firm China Solutions, for his view on if, and how, contracts matter.


Beef + Lamb New Zealand represents the interests of 12,000 Kiwi farmers on the world stage and works hard to build awareness of this country’s grass-fed beef and lamb in overseas markets.
Nelson technology company Flightcell International exports high-tech avionics to defence clients worldwide.
Les Mills International’s group fitness and team training programs have fast become a global phenomenon spanning 80 countries. Exporter caught up with CEO Phillip Mills to learn about this remarkable export journey.