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The New Zealand India Trade Alliance has launched a South Island chapter to create a gateway for companies in the South to connect with the huge opportunities emerging in the Indian market. 

An event, Unlocking the Potential of India, in Christchurch last Thursday was attended by around 60 representatives from companies looking to expand business opportunities in the enormous, but complex, Indian market.  
The event provided an insight into trading with India, and the role of the NZITA in unlocking the often-bewildering Indian opportunity.  

Speakers included the Hon. Amy Adams, opposition spokesperson for finance who said; “India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and the world’s third largest economy. “No matter how small a niche the offering might be for New Zealand companies, there is always going to be a huge market in India for us. 
“From New Zealand’s perspective it is incredibly important that we continue to grow diversity of markets. When you look at India, the size of its growth, and the strong cultural and sporting ties that we have there, an increasing footprint in that market will be incredibly beneficial for New Zealand.”  

Albear Montocchio, global marketing manager for Hamilton Jet also spoke. The iconic exporter of high-end water jet technology has recently completed a deal to provide water jets for a fleet of 14 new Follow On-Fast Attack Craft for the Indian Navy.  

Tweeting her support to the launch of the Christchurch Chapter, the New Zealand High Commissioner to India, Her Excellency Joanna Kempkers said she is looking forward to engagement with more businesses and institutions from the mainland in the New Zealand India economic relationship”. 

NZITA co-deputy chair Dr Don Brash noted that, despite remaining challenges, the Indian Government had taken huge strides in recent years to improve India’s macro-economic stability. Not only was the economy growing at a remarkable pace for any economy, let alone the third largest in the world in purchasing power terms, it was doing this while keeping inflation close to the central bank’s four percent target and gradually reducing federal government debt relative to the size of the economy. 

The Christchurch chapter will be led by Michael Henstock with support from the local NZITA members in South Island.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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