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Go Global is an event that connects its audience to innovative, tech-savvy and customer-focused leaders who are changing the way they export and deliver at scale. 

This year food and beverage brand builders Pics Peanut Butter, Kono, Alliance Group and TrackBack will talk about their amazing food and beverage journeys, moving up the value chain, unique offers challenging their marketing approaches.

Zespri International and Icebreaker will share how they’ve adapted their products and approaches in new markets, and how they’ve pivoted to leverage each venture they attack.

Trademonster and Google discuss top digital strategies for exporters and how Trade Monster has integrated logistics and digital sales and distribution into China.

Award-winning Dexibit and Kami are using technology in new ways that are putting them at the forefront of their industries. Hear their examples of how they’re cutting through into international markets.

Dexibit’s marketing director Cecilia Paredes (pictured) says she will share how the big data analytics company entered the US market with confidence by understanding the size and scope of their target market there – which happens to be the niche market of museums.

Rather than take a leap frog approach to the US, via Australia, Dexibit has gone straight to the US – setting up a base in Washington DC.

“There are more museums in that city’s national mall than there are in New Zealand,” she says.

“I’ll be talking about why it’s important to target markets that make sense for your product or service.”

Paredes will also explain the importance of understanding US law and business culture, and share some “tips and tricks” for newcomers in that regard.

Dark clouds have been gathering in international trade circles, with tariff wars between the US and China, a messy Brexit, and the WTO disputes system under threat from the US failing to approve new appellant judges.

The contributors at this year’s one-day conference will dive deep into what this means for New Zealand exporters.

Paredes says she’s personally looking forward to hearing the talk from Pic Picout, the founder of Pic’s Peanut Butter. “Although it’s a completely different industry to us, you never know what you’ll learn from their experience. That calibre of inspiration can be quite ubiquitous.”

Go Global 2019 ‘The Exporters’ Conference’ is on October 17th in Auckland. It is a full day of Kiwi exporters telling their stories about how they are leaping forward and battling international competitors.

To check out the full programme and to register for the event go to:


Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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