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Neuroscience and nature blend to create New Zealand’s ‘brain drink’

New Zealand’s natural assets and reputable manufacturing standards are a winning formula for ‘mental clarity’ beverage Ārepa.

Ārepa® CEO Angus Brown says the Kiwi ‘brain drink’ uses plant-based bioactives unique to New Zealand, where growing conditions, low pollution levels and high UV exposure are helping to thrust Ārepa’s clinically-proven health drink and supplement range onto the world stage.

Ārepa’s powder, capsules and performance enhancing drinks support neurological health and reduce mental fatigue.

“New Zealand boasts some of the best growing conditions in the world for our unique ingredients, like our Neuroberry® blackcurrant, which serves up 30% more antioxidants than elsewhere in the world.

“And our unadulterated natural sunlight with little pollution means we have a real advantage sourcing extract from pinebark. In fact, our Pinus radiata grows three times faster than in Canada.”

It’s not just the purity of New Zealand’s growing conditions enticing customers to reach for a taste; Brown says our reputation for high food manufacturing standards help the ‘premium’ brand.

“Our brand story is around our blend of high-quality neuroscience, unique natural ingredients and New Zealand’s high standards to produce these kinds of wellbeing products. These attributes alone have long been appealing to the discerning Chinese market, but they’ve really helped propel Ārepa into America too.”

He says having the Fernmark reinforces New Zealand’s reputation for innovative and high-quality products in the natural health and wellbeing sector.

“We wanted a viable ‘NZ Inc’ story behind our product, so having the government standard for certified products helps us certify ourselves.

“The iconic silver fern is something we dreamt about representing on the world stage, so it makes a lot of sense to include this in our marketing and communications especially as we scale and grow.”





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