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Personalised, direct-delivery vitamin start-up Wondermins has announced its expansion into China with the signing of a Joint Venture Agreement with Shanghai based partner Weme Group. 

Since launching in April, Wondermins has attracted over 2,000 orders and delivered a quarter of a million vitamins. Over 19,000 people have received a free vitamin recommendation from the Wondermins AI Prescription Engine™ system.

The innovative new system has also attracted international interest with a $1.1M JV signed recently with the beauty and wellness focused Weme Group and founder Australian ex-pat entrepreneur and investor Julian Reis, with plans to commence selling into China pre-Christmas 2018. 

Aimed at bringing clarity and convenience to the complex and confusing world of vitamins, visitors to the Wondermins website receive a free online, evidence-based recommendation based on their health goals and current nutrition habits. If they decide to purchase, they receive daily-dated sachets containing a personalised combination of vitamins and supplements.

A direct-to-consumer subscription service, Wondermins bypasses the traditional retail market, offering customers personalisation, convenience and significant savings of up to 30 percent off pharmacy prices by removing the usual retail margins.

Wondermins CEO Rob Berman (pictured), who also started the subscription DVD service sold to Sky TV, says the business is now in its second round of capital raising and believes the JV will lead to a significant upscaling of the business.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Julian and his Shanghai-based team to introduce Wondermins to the Chinese market. We’re only five months old, and just looking to scale now – but immediately we’ve attracted significant local and international interest because the system is so simple and easy, providing significant benefits over juggling lots of bottles of vitamins and figuring out what to take and who to trust”.

Wondermins was co-founded by Jeremy Johnston, owner of advertising agency Sugar & Partners. Weme Group has also taken a holding in Wondermins NZ as well as the new China joint venture.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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