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A world-first online platform has been launched that provides a one-stop-shop for New Zealand companies to access the information, advice and contacts they need to succeed in the United States.
United States Connect ( offers its members the ability to source up-to-date market intelligence, find reliable service providers, network with peers and seek advice from subject specialists. 
The United States remains the world’s largest economy and by far the largest consumer market. While its size means the US can be very profitable for New Zealand companies, it is also highly competitive and has one of the highest ‘failure’ rates for market entrants. 
Co-Founder and Managing Director of United States Connect, Ian Smith, said that while the US is one of the most popular international destinations for exporters, when starting out many do not know where to start, what to do, or who they can trust. 
“For companies looking to export to the US for the first time it can appear daunting. Being US market specialists, we developed United States Connect as an intuitive web based tool where they can get the information, advice and contacts needed to be successful in the States – all in the one place.”  
“We have even devised a proprietary “US Success Checklist” which ensures that companies tick all of the boxes they need to enter the States, from intellectual property and regulatory approvals, to pricing and marketing and everything in between.”
One of the key features of United States Connect is that Service Providers listed on the site are US specialists and are “peer rated” by the USConnect community, meaning companies know exactly what to expect when dealing with them. This saves them valuable time and money and reduces the risk of finding the right partners for a smooth market entry.
United States Connect has also developed strategic partnerships with the following companies that share the common goal of reducing the effort, expense and risk of international trade and specifically entering the US market: AmCham, Corporate Traveller, ECA, IBIS World, Kea and NZForex. 
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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