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New Zealand based Vista Entertainment Solutions has just completed one of the most challenging software implementation projects the company has ever undertaken. Over a period of just six weeks from the September signing of Chinese cinema chain Dadi Digital Cinema, Vista has concluded the operational roll out of 230 cinema sites spread across urban and rural China. An unprecedented plan of deployment involving Vista teams from Auckland HQ and Shanghai, working in conjunction with Dadi IT staff, enabled a fast-track project that is a remarkable milestone in Vista’s story. 
At its peak, Vista deployed 20 project team members, centrally supported from the Beijing headquarters of Dadi, with individuals at each Dadi cinema site supporting local cinema staff with ‘go live’ deployment. Round-the-clock support was also provided from Vista’s Auckland headquarters. 
Software installation sites ranged from first-tier cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou in the south, to less known locations such as Tong Jiang in the north and Pu’er in western Yunnan province, which recently experienced a 6.6 earthquake. A total 2,376 hours of travel time was involved using air, road, rail, and water transport. 
“To embark on a project of this scale within such a short time frame was something that as far as we know, has not been achieved before in our industry, and I’m delighted that our teams – Vista people assisted by Dadi people – have executed so brilliantly. They have re-set the global benchmark for the speed at which installation projects such as this can be carried out and we are proud of them”, said Vista Chief Executive, Murray Holdaway. 
“The project ran like clockwork”, said Dona Yu, EVP of Dadi Cinema, “We couldn’t be happier; when faced with what appeared to be an impossible deadline the Vista and Dadi teams planned and executed with military precision and in the most professional manner – it was a pleasure to watch.” 
Vista’s cinema management software has also recently been deployed in 574 theatres across 42 US states.
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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