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Tekron International, a Hutt Valley-based company that exports high precision clocks globally to 74 countries, has been awarded the “Global Gold” gong at the Wellington Gold Awards for its merits in exporting worldwide.

Tekron International CEO Amanda Santos says she was thrilled and surprised the company she is at the helm of won the award.
“Our team works diligently every day to deliver to our customers on time and within budget in what can be described as a challenging exporting environment, and the recognition means a lot to me personally and the team at Tekron.”

The company was founded by Brian Smellie who built the first ever clock out of his bedroom all those years ago. Two years ago Amanda Santos joined the company, moved offices and transformed the business to the next level.

The company, headquartered on the Petone foreshore now has offices in Auckland, the USA and the UK as the business continues to target the international market.

“The first ever clock was built for electricity company Transpower and whilst we have that older version clock in our offices, Transpower still utilises Tekron technology. Weta Digital also utilised Tekron during the filming of Avatar.”

The business provides high precision clocks in various applications for businesses like large power utilities, spaceflight companies and sports broadcasters internationally.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the finalists in this category; we were up against stiff competition.  I genuinely thought we would not win this award. The calibre of business in this category goes to show New Zealand Inc is alive and well and businesses can succeed on the global stage.” Ms Santos said.

“I am so proud of my team at Tekron and would like to thank Rob Smith for having the foresight to enter this award category.”

“The definition of time is important in Tekron’s business, but it’s the people we communicate with every day on the world stage that is the most vital.”  Ms Santos said.

Tekron International was one of three Hutt Valley businesses recognised in the Wellington Gold Awards last night.


Glenn Baker

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