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New Zealand document management company Stellar Library has attracted the interest of a range of American organisations, including US government agencies, universities, health organisations and the Navajo Nation, after attending Interop, the world’s largest annual trade fair for information technology in Las Vegas.
“Stellar Library attracted immediate attention with the simplicity of its interface and the fact that there are no special hardware requirements to implement the system,” Stellar Library’s General Manager Acquisitions, Dave Andrew says.
“They liked the idea of having their own private cloud storage system with full control over the distribution system, security and use of documents,” he says.
The positive response to the system confirmed that Stellar Library has a clear niche among the myriad of cloud document management and storage systems coming onto the market, Dave Andrew says.
Cyber security was also a hot topic and this helped draw attention to the product.
The company is busy following up more than 100 leads from the trade fair, including the US Army, which is interested in the system for the distribution and management of training manuals.
There was also interest in the product from organisations in Europe and Japan.
Dave Andrew says more than 12,000 people attended Interop, attracted by more than 125 exhibitors featuring the latest developments in the IT world.
“It’s very clear that there are no other products on the market like Stellar Library. It was also good to find that organisations in the States have no problem with the fact the Stellar Library was developed in New Zealand. In fact everyone was very keen to learn more about the country.”
He says there were important learnings for the company from the event, including different international requirements for hosting and the need to comply with varying regulations in different jurisdictions.
Dave says the immediate focus for Stellar Library will be in America and the company is likely to appoint sales people there in the immediate future.
“The genuine enthusiasm and positive response to our technology has been a great boost for us,” Dave says. “The pressure is on us now to follow up and build momentum on the back of the interest we’ve attracted.”
Photo: Stellar Library’s Duncan McKenzie on the Interop stand in Las Vegas.
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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