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Consumers in southern Europe have a particularly positive attitude towards food and drink products packed in glass, according to, citing a survey of European attitudes to glass packaging.

The survey conducted in 19 European countries by TNS on behalf of the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) sought to gather consumers’ views across the continent on glass packaging.

Overall the survey found that 68% of people prefer glass to plastics when it comes to food and drink products in general. But views did vary from country to country.

Feelings towards glass were particularly positive in southern Europe where 91% of Greeks, 83% of Italians and 74% of Spaniards expressed a preference for glass over plastic. It was only in Estonia where the majority of consumers (53%) preferred plastic.

The report said consumers were invited to compare glass to plastic on a variety of points. A majority of the consumers (88%) said glass contributed to a healthy lifestyle more than plastic and the same percentage said glass was better for the planet.

The only one area where consumers felt that glass packaging fell down was on convenience. Only 32% of respondents said glass outperformed plastic in this regard. The only exceptions were Portugal and Turkey where the majority felt that glass was more convenient.

Some of the positive sentiments for glass were translated into a willingness to pay more for the material. A total of 42% of respondents said they were willing to pay more, the majority of whom said they would pay 5% more while a significant minority said they would pay 10 or 15% extra.

The greatest willingness to part with more cash existed in Turkey, Slovenia, Poland, Hungry and the Czech Republic. Countries least willing to pay more was led by the Netherlands followed by Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain and the UK, according to the report. – Source:


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