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 Innovative Hamilton agritech company, Simcro has just scooped the top award in New Zealand’s Agritech Innovation Awards for its world-first ‘self-tenting’ safety injector, Sekurus Ultra.

Sekurus Ultra is ‘self-tenting’ safety injector for the delivery of animal vaccines. Its patented ‘self-tenting’ needle guard and two-step mechanism allow operators to administer one-handed subcutaneous injections more efficiently and more precisely while keeping hands clear of the injection site.

Sekurus Ultra was launched in New Zealand in February. The injector was developed and customised for the delivery of Bopriva TM, Pfizer Animal Health’s new vaccine for cattle.

Earlier this month Simcro won a 2010 Australian International Design Award for its revolutionary Optiline TM Sheep Drencher.

Simcro specialises in providing customised animal health delivery solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

Rod Walker, Simcro executive director and head of R&D, says two groups in particular must take the credit for the company’s success, firstly the Simcro shareholders for having the confidence and courage to invest so heavily in R&D particularly over the last three years; and secondly to the impressive team of Simcro engineers who continually demonstrate they have the ability to convert a novel idea into a commercially successful product.

Pfizer’s brief was to deliver an injector that prevented operators from accidentally injecting themselves with a vaccine intended for animals. With Sekurus Ultra all the operator has to do is activate the trigger with one hand and press the injector against the animal’s skin. The injector’s needle guard automatically ‘tents’ or grips the skin prior to delivering the injection.

The unique injector also maximises the efficacy of the vaccine because it ensures accurate and reliable needle-placement. The drug is only released when it’s placed at the correct depth in the animal’s skin. Users can save money by only administering the correct dosage. Sekurus Ultra’s accurate needle placement ensures operators avoid brusing the animal and causing it stress.


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