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Ian McCrae.
Orion Health software now manages 102 million patient health records globally. This new record firmly establishes Orion Health as a leading vendor in the capture and delivery of electronic healthcare information to enable better health and wellness outcomes. 
Orion Health CEO Ian McCrae says patient health records have become an important metric for healthcare technology companies delivering solutions on a global scale. 
“Surpassing 100 million patient health records is a significant milestone. The more records that are managed by Orion Health software, the easier it is to provide additional functionality at the point of care as we enhance our world-leading solutions,” McCrae says.
“Our goal is to increase the value of every patient health record managed by our software. From the capture and integration of patient health records, to the ability for clinicians and their patients to view and interact with that information in real time, the average revenue per patient record rises with each additional solution.”
McCrae says Orion Health has proven its ability to attract new customers, as well as sell more solutions to existing customers.
“The number of patient records managed by our software continues to grow as we acquire new customers globally. In this year alone we have announced eight significant customer contracts in the UK, France, Australia, U.S. and Canada, with five of those agreements being with new healthcare providers and insurers.”
Orion Health anticipates that in five years the majority of patient health records will be in the cloud in most of its key markets. This will be necessary to enable the capture, storage and delivery of rich and detailed information about every healthcare consumer.
“Today the health record primarily consists of a patient’s medical history, soon it will include a richer data set comprising of a patient’s genetic, environment and social information. This will enable the practice of personalised healthcare known as precision medicine,” Mr McCrae says.
“Many of our marquee customer sites are the obvious early adopters of precision medicine. Orion Health launched the Amadeus precision medicine platform late last year to enable to this new revolution in healthcare. Reaching the milestone of 102 million patient records, as well as recent success with new and existing customers, is a clear validation of Orion Health’s exciting technology roadmap.”
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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