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A new agreement between the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of Dubai and ServiceIQ Industry Training Organisation (ITO) is a game-changer for the recognition of qualifications between the two countries.

This means students or trainees who start their on-job or provider-led training in New Zealand or the UAE, will have a seamless path to achieving their qualification in either country.  

With an initial focus on the aviation industry, ServiceIQ has secured a contract to arrange on the job training leading to qualifications for employees of Emirates Flight Catering in Dubai.

ServiceIQ CEO Dean Minchington says the new agreements are not only fantastic news for NZ Inc, it’s a testimony to the high quality of on the job training developed right here in New Zealand that also offers significant opportunities for trainees in the UAE.  

“It’s a prime opportunity for New Zealand’s ITOs and providers to work together to strengthen the New Zealand export education proposition,” says Dean.  

“With similar discussions progressing well in Hong Kong I would imagine that this UAE agreement could be the first of other international territories where people who are trained on-job seek to engage with the highly sought-after, tried and proven systems, developed in New Zealand since ITOs were established in 1992. The sky really is the limit.”   

The aviation qualification training programmes offered in New Zealand are among the most rigorous and respected in the world.

ServiceIQ, in consultation with the aviation industry, sets the standards and develops the wide range of on-job training programmes for aircraft operations. The training includes: pilots, aeronautical engineers, cabin crew, aircrew, safety management; air traffic services; airline and airport operations management; customer check-in; air cargo movement; and aviation ground support operations. 
Dean Minchington says there are plenty more opportunities for ServiceIQ on-job qualification training programmes on the horizon.

“It’s not only aviation expertise that New Zealand excels in. Our agreement with KHDA includes arranging on-job training programmes that lead to qualifications in the hospitality and tourism sectors. As we approach the World Expo planned for Dubai in 2020 the opportunities for local expansion in Dubai are truly exciting,” he says.    

The agreement to recognise qualifications developed by ServiceIQ in New Zealand is between ServiceIQ and KHDA. The KHDA regulates the technical and training sector and administers the awarding of international qualifications in Dubai, as authorised by the UAE National Qualifications Authority (NQA) and Vocational Education and Training Award Council (VETAC).     

ServiceIQ is the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the aviation, tourism, hospitality, museum, travel, retail and retail supply chain sectors of New Zealand’s service industry. 

Funded by Government and industry, ServiceIQ develops on-job qualification training programmes, including apprenticeships, that have a tangible positive impact for businesses and their employees’ careers. 

Export education is a major contributor to New Zealand’s economy. According to a 2016 report for Education New Zealand, “in 2014 international education exports, including offshore activities, were estimated to contribute $2.85 billion to GDP or 1.2% of total GDP and close to 6% of exports.”  

Photo: (L to R) Aqhel Junaid – Senior Manager Operations, Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA); Dean Minchington – Chief Executive, ServiceIQ; Dr. Naji AlMahdi – Chief of Qualifications and Awards, KHDA; Rick Christie – Board Chair, ServiceIQ; Mukta Verma – Senior Manager – Quality Assurance, KHDA


Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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