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New Zealand companies are being encouraged to attend China’s biggest international business expo later this year so they can better tap into the fast-growing two-way trade between the two countries.

Building on the success of the first expo in Shanghai in November 2018, China is again hosting the International Import Expo Enterprise & Business Exhibition  at the National Convention & Exhibition Centre in Shanghai. The six day event runs from 5-10 November.

“The 2019 Expo in Shanghai is an unmissable event for New Zealand businesses seeking new opportunities and to build on existing relationships in China,” said Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited CEO David Wang.

“At a time when China is forging rapidly ahead with its trade liberalisation agenda and expanding global business connections, now is the perfect time for New Zealand companies to embrace the opportunities that exist with this country’s largest trading partner.”

Some 90 New Zealand companies attended the event last year, showcasing food and agricultural products such as milk, avocados, kiwifruit and honey. 

“We know many of those businesses found the experience very rewarding and it was pleasing that the Bank of China NZ could support them at the expo. This is an event massive in scale, bringing together government officials, businesses, exporters and exhibitors from across the world, as well as several thousand Chinese trading companies,” said Wang.

“China is a very competitive market so being visible at event like the expo is a really valuable way of making the right connections and strengthening the relationships with local companies which are key to success in China. In addition, the expo is the perfect place to connect with potential partners for business opportunities in New Zealand.”

New Zealand companies’ CIIE experience

New Zealand companies Pic’s Peanut Butter, Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd and Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd are attending the 2019 China International Import Expo for the second time.
“Our first meeting with Bank of China NZ was during the 1st CIIE in Shanghai last year and we were invited to attend their 50th Match-Making event where we signed an agreement with Chinese/NZ distributor Ebaytow,” says Pic Picot, founder of Pic’s Peanut Butter.  
“With the move to our new Pic’s World of Peanut Butter factory in Nelson, we are very excited by the opportunities in the massive Chinese market.” 

Register your interest now with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand before 30 April, 2019 (Contact: Michael Shang Email: [email protected] Tel:09-9809039)
For more information on the 2nd annual International Import and Export Expo, Shanghai, China – 5-10 November 2019 – click here




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