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New Zealand and US-based company Eagle Protect, the world’s only B Corp certified disposable glove and clothing specialist, is joining forces with Auckland company Rfider to provide a transparent look into Eagle’s glove supply chain.

The deal will also ensure a protective defence against glove fraud while safeguarding the highest quality specifications are met. Ultimately the partnership improves consumer safety and reduces business risk. 

Rfider is a recent winner of the US Food and Drug Administration’s global Technology Traceability Challenge which is designed to promote innovation and development of scalable and affordable traceability tech tools for food service operations of all sizes.

The Eagle Protect partnership with Rfider provides a full traceability tool for the global distribution of Eagle Protect’s verified food safe gloves, from specific manufacturing controls, third-party lab testing, to final delivery. 

Based in Christchurch and California, Eagle Protect chief executive Steve Ardagh (pictured) says he is proud to work with companies like Rfider to safeguard glove safety for people and businesses. “Our two companies are creating a more trustworthy system for everyone in the supply chain, as the world enters a new era of food safety, especially important during the global covid pandemic.

“For the distribution of Eagle Protect’s food safe gloves, Rfider will provide a transparent look into the glove’s supply chain, a protective defence against glove fraud while ensuring the highest quality specifications are met.”

Rfider chief executive John Pennington says when they combine traceability event data with greater quality process transparency, they are empowering Eagle’s customers to make informed purchase and usage decisions. “We’re delighted to be working with Eagle to provide the highest levels of product safety and performance for their customers around the world.”

Rfider is a venture-backed business revolutionising how business activities are captured, secured, and shared across any supply chain. Their customers participate in complex global supply-chains with a wide range of products and services. On the industry side, Rfider works with those competing through transparency on origin, ethical practices, sustainability and quality.

Eagle Protect was founded in New Zealand more than 15 years ago by Ardagh, whose purpose has focused on the responsible sourcing of quality products to ensure customer safety and impact reduction, ultimately mitigating customers’ risk.

After successfully tackling the New Zealand food industry, Ardagh and his team relocated to California in January 2016, with the intent of bringing Eagle Protect’s advanced philosophy around the supply of disposable gloves to the US food industry.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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