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By its very nature freight forwarding never stands still and as New Zealand’s export output continues to expand, the country’s largest privately owned operator is thinking ahead.
With export solutions very much a core part of its operations, Mondiale has made a handful of key appointments to ensure the company continues to grow.
For the first time in its 27 years in business, Mondiale has appointed a CEO. 
Ray Meade, a New Zealand Army logistics operator who took his talents and training to Sydney and has never veered off his career course since, has assumed the reins of the company. Meade brings a wealth of leadership experience to the CEO chair.
Mondiale’s Auckland HQ has also welcomed Kerry Lane to the role of supply chain manager, another new position that promises to further lubricate Mondiale’s supply chain process that previously relied on various third parties. A proven innovator and project trouble-shooter, Lane will additionally streamline Mondiale’s tried and true systems to give clients added efficiency and assurances for their precious cargo.
Coming up to the 2015 Christmas rush, Meade and the Mondiale board also decided to bolster their swelling Australian operations by harnessing the vast industry expertise of Chris James to the role of MD, Australia.
Based in Sydney, James has the challenge of maintaining the growth that saw Mondiale staff numbers jump from six to 60 in the past five years. With huge growth forecast to come nationwide and particularly from the Melbourne site and Adelaide satellite office, securing James is seen as a significant boost.
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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