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The New Zealand-designed TORUS™ pet water bowl is taking the world by storm, signing multiple new territories in the last few months alone, resulting in many thousands of bowls coming into the global market and the launch of a new product.
Following a recent launch in the United States the world’s leading online retailer, Amazon has shown TORUS™ to be outperforming other pet bowls in the market, naming it the number one best-selling dog bowl and regularly featuring in the top ten products from the dog bowl category.  
Owned and designed in New Zealand, the unique TORUS™ bowl not only stores water in its reservoir walls, but automatically dispenses filtered water, replenishing the bowl when empty without batteries or power source. Which means, pets get plenty of fresh and clean water to remain healthy.
The conventional water bowls just don’t cut the mustard, as they expose pets to dirty water, which is reduced by evaporation and some over enthusiastic drinking, requiring regular refills and cleaning up spills! 
TORUS™ water bowls store two litres in the large size and one litre in the soon to be released smaller size, ideal for smaller dogs and cats. The water is held inside its walls, providing stored water protection and automatically fills the bowl having passed through an active carbon filter. As the pet drinks the water, it replenishes through a self-dispensing supply. The smaller size, available in summer, will include a pink version due to public demand. TORUS™ also has a convenient lockable function, which means it is the go anywhere bowl.
“We’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer number of positive responses TORUS™ has received from around the world,” comments Kim Goldsworthy of pet technology company Heyrex. “As well as being available in New Zealand and Amazon in the UK, US and Canada, we now have distribution partners in the US, UK, Europe, Brazil, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Japan and Korea. To be able to partner with some of the leading pet distribution businesses from around the world after launching in March and receiving rave reviews through international print, online and TV media is a considerable honour and goes to show how far Kiwi ingenuity can go.
“We are thrilled that Australian leading pet retailer, Petstock have come on board. This, coupled with our New Zealand distributor, Brooklands, means Torus will be more readily available to pet parents than ever before.”
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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