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New Zealand marine manufacturer, Tru-Design Plastics, has gained ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) H27 compliance for it’s range of through hull valve fittings.  
Tru-Design is a specialist in manufacturing difficult-to-mould engineering polymers and the development of innovative marine componentry.
The company’s newly released and ABYC compliant ‘Load Bearing Collars’ allow extreme loads to be spread evenly through vessel hulls increasing the existing IMCI (International Marine Certification Institute) compliant 155kg load rating of the skin fitting to 226.7kg (500lb) for the entire skin fitting-ball valve-tail fitting assembly.
Gaining the ABYC compliance allows Tru-Design to enter the lucrative North American market. 
Tru-Design Managing Director Alan Maddox says gaining the ABYC compliance is a coup for his company and is one of the last remaining markets for Tru-Design to export to.
“This large market is now open to us and offers an exciting opportunity for Tru-Design to further expand its already extensive distribution base.” 
The ABYC H27 standard is a guide for the selection of materials, design, construction, and installation of seacocks, through-hull connections, drain plugs, and other fittings that penetrate the hull at or below the maximum heeled waterline and applies to all boats.
“ABYC compliance enables our products to be freely sold in the North American market and complements our IMCI and Bureau Veritas certifications for through-hulls and sea cocks. We now export our marine fittings to over 40 countries worldwide, with a strong brand following in Europe and Australasia.”
More recently, the Swedish Sea Rescue Society chose Tru-Design marine composite fittings for “Gunnel Larsson Class” rescue vessels. These vessels are designed to keep going in the most demanding rescue conditions from large seas to freezing temperatures. 
“It is especially pleasing to see our products being used in the most extreme conditions of the Swedish archipelago. This is one more example where boat builders are turning to composite through hull fittings and ball valves as they are lighter, have no corrosion or electrolyse issues, withstand extreme temperatures and last the life time of the vessel.”
Other well known boat builders using Tru-Design products are Hanse from Germany, Sunseeker and Princess from the UK, X Yachts from Denmark, Cheoy Lee Shipyards from China and Salona from Croatia. The company puts emphasis on international approvals, quality, innovation and building active customer relationships. 
“With more than 500 products in the range Tru-Design fittings meet the market needs for boats from 20’ to 100’ for both commercial and recreational craft,” says Maddox.
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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