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New Zealand airline software company has been internationally recognised with an innovation award for its solver product.

The prestigious “best” innovation award has recently been won at an industry event run by AGIFORS – (Airline Group or the International Federation of Operational Research Societies) in New Delhi, India and was judged by industry peers and airlines in the medium to large airline category.

Merlot Chief Executive Mark McCaughan says the award is a massive endorsement of merlot’s product and its growing capabilities in an area which is the fastest growing with high margins.
“Our solvers are designed using a mathematical algorithm which provides airlines with the most optimal solution to scheduling aircraft and crew.”
“In a world where airlines are constantly driven by both minimising their costs and maximising utilisation of their aircraft and staff, our optimisation services provide a truly meaningful return on investment,” McCaughan said.

Merlot’s cutting edge tools and technology intelligently forecasts, organises, predicts, measures and reports on daily aircraft and crew utilisation while at the same time, ensuring airlines achieve full regulatory compliance.
The award was clinched after a technical presentation by’s Dr Olga Perederieieva called “Paring and Roster Optimisation in the cloud.”
In this presentation Dr Perederieieva explained how the Merlot Optimisers work using ColGen and how cloud computing and the scalability thereof allows airlines to have solutions in reasonable times.

According to Qatar Airways Marcel Sol, who is AGIFORS Study Group Chair the presentation was very well received.
“At the end of the conference all delegates could vote for three different awards. In this ballot the presentation of got “Best” Innovation Award and to make it even more special for the company it became third in the “Best” Technical presentation award,” he said.

Merlot’s Director of Optimisation, Shane Stevens, says it is excellent recognition of how the company is seen on the world aviation stage and how advanced its optimisation technology really is. “To win at our very first AGIFORS Conference was a very proud moment.”

The conference is only one of a few in the world where airlines and various vendors meet to discuss the field of Crew Management. is the world’s first fully cloud based airline operations management software business airlines love to use. The company has grown from humble start-up beginnings to a robust international business in growth mode. 
Merlot brings unique, highly innovative airline operational solutions that are continuing to change the game within the industry and also to its global network of clients. currently works with more than 50 international airlines.

Picture:’s Dr Olga Perederieieva is congratulated receiving award by Qatar Airways Marcel Sol Study Group Chair – AGIFORS Crew Management 

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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