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A recent collaboration between Fabrum and global manufacturer Chart Industries targets the significant worldwide demand for small-scale liquid hydrogen for industry decarbonisation.

Christchurch-based Fabrum and global company Chart Industries (“Chart”) have formed a strategic partnership to collaborate on the manufacture and sale of micro-scale liquefiers for hydrogen and other gases.

The collaboration targets the rapidly increasing demand for liquefaction systems as industries work to decarbonise and transition to new energy sources.

The Micro-Scale Liquefier enables small-scale liquid hydrogen production under five tonnes per day, offering a new future for sustainable transport, industry, and energy self-sufficiency. The Micro-Scale Liquefiers can also be used in liquid natural gas (LNG) and other cryogenic markets.

Fabrum is a leader in industrialised small to medium-scale liquefaction systems and composite vessels for liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, and other gases, and will incorporate Chart products into manufacturing their Micro-Scale Liquefiers.

Chart will add the Micro-Scale Liquefiers to its already expansive technology and equipment portfolio to market and sell through its global network.

“We’re delighted to enter this strategic collaboration with Chart as it brings together Fabrum, a leading hydrogen player worldwide, with one of the most prominent players globally for technologies and equipment across the entire molecule value chain,” says Dr Ojas Mahapatra, CEO of Fabrum. “Our collective capability and talent will enable us to deliver game-changing technology to the market to allow micro-scale liquid hydrogen and liquid natural gas production,” he says.

“The timing of this collaboration is also important, as we’re seeing significant interest in end-to-end liquid hydrogen production and refuelling systems since various governments have introduced various investments in climate and energy to help tackle climate change. 

“These types of public sector programs have ignited a new phase of decarbonisation and jump-started R&D, commercialisation, and investment in leading-edge technologies such as clean hydrogen.”

Jill Evanko, Chart’s CEO, says partnering with Fabrum on technology and sales allows them to extend their offering in micro-scale liquid hydrogen and liquid natural gas for refuelling and energy applications. “We’re excited to bring this combination to our customers in heavy transport, mining, and industry as we continue to support their transition to new and cleaner technologies with our extensive product and technology portfolio.”

“Partnering with Chart represents an important milestone for Fabrum as we work to accelerate the uptake of our zero-emission transition technologies to enable a lower-carbon economy,” says Christopher Boyle, Fabrum’s Executive Chair. “We’ve already proven our hydrogen fuel solutions for small and medium-scale liquid hydrogen production, a paradigm shift from liquid hydrogen produced at large-scale plants and transported to the site of use.

“Chart is the ideal strategic partner to leverage Fabrum’s world-leading technology as it has a large and growing customer base and an established reputation as a technology innovator.”

Pictured above: Fabrum’s sub-half tonne hydrogen liquefier.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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