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A New Zealand company's cervical cancer screening technology has been met with enthusiasm by the largest association of Chinese gynecologists.
The TruScreen unique opto-electric technology, which screens women for signs of pre-invasive and invasive cervical cancer, was presented at the Chinese Obstetricians and Gynecologists Association annual congress.
China which has no national screening programme has over 380 million women of screening age who could benefit from the TruScreen technology.
TruScreen CEO Martin Dillon says the conference was an ideal national launch platform  to expose the product’s capabilities to key policy and purchasing influencers in every province throughout China.
“This is incredibly important, as it is the gynecologists who make recommendations to their hospitals on the purchase of screening equipment." says Dillon.
A host of highly respected women’s health experts spoke at the launch, including Professor Liang Jinhe, who is Chairman of the China Doctors Association and Chairman of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Association of China; and Professor Song Lei, Professor of Gynecology at China’s premier military hospital (PLA General Hospital) in Beijing.
“The speakers who voiced their support of the product are some of the most influential opinion leaders in China, so their endorsement carries a huge amount of weight,” says Dillon.
“As a result of this forum, hundreds of the attending gynecologists registered their details with TruScreen's distribution partners to learn more about how TruScreen could be utilised in China to help diagnose cervical cancer, and their interest in potential purchase.
“China has been, and always will be, the number one target market for TruScreen,” says Dillon. “I was overwhelmed by the breadth of expert support for TruScreen, and the level of registered interest, as a direct result of our speakers’ endorsements.”
The successful launch at the national congress meeting will now be followed by a schedule of 18 nationwide product launches across China over the next four months, he says.
“These events will re-inforce the TruScreen name and technology, not just with the key health leaders, but with many other influential gynecologists who have not yet been reached.”
Dillon says the campaign has been designed to kickstart the major post-CFDA approval sales of TruScreen in China.
Already TruScreen is exported to several world markets including; Asia, Latin America, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, where national cervical cancer screening programmes, like that of New Zealand, are not in place, Dillon says.
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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