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Kiwi natural pharmaceutical company TRG Natural Pharmaceuticals (formerly HoneyLab), will see its products sold across all 50 US States as part of its licencing deal with Taro Pharmaceuticals.

This deal is a key contributor to TRG’s ten to 20 fold increase in sales this year.

Launched under the brand Bee RX, the range includes topical kānuka honey based cold sore, acne, and rosacea treatments. First launched online at Target, the first drop of product sold out within hours. Bee RX will also be sold in major pharmacy chains, in total representing more than 21,000 stores and giving TRG a strong foothold across every state in the US.

The brand is being fronted by Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress and singer, Mandy Moore, well-known for the TV show ‘This is Us,’ and Erika Thompson of Texas Bee Works is the Bee RX ambassador.

TRG Natural Pharmaceuticals CEO, Anthony Lawler (pictured above), says seeing stock on international shelves is a huge achievement for the business. “Seeing our products on shelves in the US has been a key milestone for TRG. To see Bee RX selling out within hours of going on sale has surpassed our expectations.”

Lawler says the business has navigated the unique challenges of a global pandemic on supply chain management, and business development. “We have faced our fair share of Covid-19 induced setbacks. Not only have supply chain issues impacted our manufacturing capacity and product distribution timelines, but closing deals and building important relationships with distributors such as Taro can be difficult when you can’t meet face-to-face.”


Diving back into global business

With international travel off the cards for the past 18 months, founder Dr Shaun Holt is travelling to the US in August for two months to support TRG’s rapid expansion into the market. He will also visit Europe until year end to open the door into these territories.

A medical doctor and natural health expert, Dr Holt recently featured on Netflix’s documentary (Un)Well, bringing much international attention as well as praise for his innovation in the health and wellbeing retail space. He was also a finalist in the 2019 EY New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

“While we have built strong relationships with licensing partners virtually, video calls can only get you so far. It’s vital for us to continue building relationships and meeting potential new licensing partners face-to-face,” Dr Holt says.

“TRG Natural Pharmaceuticals has ambitious plans to continue expanding globally, and I look forward to showcasing our scientifically-proven New Zealand natural healthcare products in person.”


The evolution to TRG Natural Pharmaceuticals

HoneyLab has changed its name to TRG Natural Pharmaceuticals, having greatly evolved in the past decade. Starting out as HoneyLab and specialising in pharmaceutical-grade, clinically proven honey-based healthcare products, the company is currently best known for its cold sore product Honevo.

While honey is still important for TRG, the company is now developing other natural ingredients to create clinically proven natural healthcare products.

“The name TRG Natural Pharmaceuticals comes from the airport city code for Tauranga where the company was founded. We needed a name that better aligns to our future plans.”

“The name change represents a need to convey how the company has expanded and to better reflect the pipeline of products currently in development. We look forward to sharing these in due course, says Dr Holt.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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