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Geneva-based Crisp Sensation Holdings has developed a snack coating technology that promises to retain the crispness of food products after preparation in both microwave and combination ovens, according to

The report added that test series at Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research claims that the microwaveable products had maintained their technological and sensory properties, even after long-term storage of more than nine months.

The report said the crispy snack technology also has a significantly reduced fat content, about 70% less fat, as products are not friend.

“The specially-formed batter crumbs on these foods absorb less fat during the production process. Because of this, the finished product contains significantly less fat and is therefore healthier,” the company was quoted saying.

The product can also be prepared in a microwave without using active packaging, according to the company.

Axel Graefe, the sales and marketing director for Crisp Sensation Holding told that the company was currently in the process of launching the technology after starting the process in July. “We are talking to customers, posing our concepts and business models,” he said.

The new coating technology is now ready to come to market for breaded frozen food manufacturers to incorporate into products such as chicken nuggets, fish fingers, cheese and vegetable sticks.

The technology was tested by a taste panel who were given chicken nuggets with the new coating and reference products from a Dutch market leader. The samples were prepared in microwaves with and without ‘crisp’ functions as well as in a convection oven.

The company claims that in all cases, the Crisp Sensation snacks were found to be significantly crispier than the commercial product.

As an operation licensed in Switzerland, Crisp Sensation’s headquarters are located in Geneva, while Research and Development take place in application laboratories in the UK and the Netherlands.

“Since the 1990s, efforts have been under way to develop a technology to render frozen and breadcrumbed foods suitable for crisping in microwaves and ovens.

Crisp Sensation has developed and perfected a way of bringing these findings up to a full-scale production model. We have now reached the point where we are able to launch this technology worldwide,” said the company.

Crisp Sensation offers its globally patented technology to manufacturers of frozen breadcrumbed snacks of any kind as well as to large-scale and system gastronomy suppliers. Customers can use the Crisp Sensation technology under licence from the company. – Source:


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