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Skin rejuvenation and appearance medicine specialist FAB Group has announced the brand of their offshore venture and that they intend to open their first global clinic in the UK.  

FAB Group operates the Caci franchise in New Zealand and has launched the new brand for global expansion: Skinsmiths. The name Skinsmiths highlights the company’s focus on skin health, while the term ‘Smith’ acknowledges the craftsmanship involved.  

England was chosen as the first country for the brand. The aim is to have the first Skinsmiths clinic open by the end of the year. The founders, Jackie and David Smith, are currently living in the UK, and have identified several potential locations for the first Skinsmiths clinic.  

“Our goal is to expand our clinic model around the globe, and we have chosen the UK market to launch our new brand, Skinsmiths,” says Jackie. “The fragmented market is a sweet spot for us, with potential customers who are facing many of the same skin problems as our customers in New Zealand.  

“Skinsmiths occupies a niche in the market; we’re a skin enhancement clinic, embracing innovative treatments, that deliver visible, beautiful results through treatment plans. We believe everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin, and we’re excited to share it with people around the world.” 

The Group’s plans come after strong growth, with revenue growing at least 15 percent compounding year-on-year, during the last six years. There are currently 39 Caci clinics in New Zealand, with the Group aiming to grow this to 50 by the end of the calendar year.   

Glenice Riley, Global Chief Operating Officer says, “The Group is working on securing locations for Skinsmiths in England. We plan to open five Skinsmiths clinics in the UK by the end of the year, and 40 within the next two years. 

“The global team is being established, and a support office has been set up in London. Our efforts to expand into other overseas markets will also continue.”  

Photo: (L-R): Jackie Smith (director and co-founder), David Smith (co-founder), Glenice Riley (Global Chief Operating Officer), Mark Ranyard (Global Chief Financial Officer). 

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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