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If you talk on it, watch something on it, or are scanned by it, the chances are a Buckley Systems manufactured precision electro magnet has been used in its production.

The connected world relies on the efforts of innovative Mt Wellington manufacturer, Buckley Systems.
The company contributes to the manufacture of more than 90 percent of the world’s silicon chips with its ion implantation technology.
“We have evolved with the demands of our customers and the growth of the connected world,” said Chief Operating Officer Mark Stolten.
Buckley Systems electro magnets are used by global ion implantation companies producing silicon chip capital equipment and machinery.
“Marketers at these global companies are setting the pace with the introduction of new products,” says Stolten. “It’s exciting for a New Zealand company to be able to contribute manufacturing and design expertise and play such an important part in these developments. 
Buckley Systems has had to develop “remarkable elasticity” to meet the increased demand for its electro magnets which can weigh anything from a few kilograms to 28 tonnes depending on the end application.
The company uses additional local contract labour hire for factory floor jobs to meet spikes in demand. “We work in a true partnership with our labour hire suppliers so they are thoroughly briefed on what is required,” says Stolten. “That way we can still have total control over the quality of what we produce, rather than get the excess production required done off shore.”
In fact Buckley Systems is proudly nationalistic in its attitude, resisting approaches to move production overseas to cheaper labour markets.
One hundred percent of the company’s production is exported – more than $85 million worth in 2015 – and apart from being used in semiconductor manufacture Buckley Systems’ products are also used in oncology treatment facilities, medical and scientific diagnostic devices and physics research facilities.


Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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