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The brand new New Zealand Hub in Xi’an is designed to showcase Wellington and New Zealand produce, and provide a base of operations for New Zealand businesses looking to access the central Chinese market. 
On the ground floor of the New Zealand Hub is a Mojo Coffee café, and a supermarket featuring food and beverage products, mostly from the Wellington region. Later this year a Matterhorn restaurant will open on the second floor. The third and fourth floors of the facility include a 900m2 multifunctional marketing centre and shared workspace, designed to assist Wellington and New Zealand exporters visiting the region on business. 
The ancient capital city of Xi’an is home to eight million people, and is the location of China’s most-visited tourist attraction, the Terracotta Warriors. The pedestrian street alongside the New Zealand Hub has been named Wellington – Te Mārae o Poneke road, in honour of the project’s instigating city, strengthening the connection between the two regions.
Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) Chief Executive Chris Whelan says the New Zealand Hub is a valuable new opportunity for a range of export-focussed Wellington businesses;
“It’s fantastic to see the New Zealand Hub in Xi’an open for business, with a strong Wellington connection. Wellington exporters, tourism operators and educational institutions will all be able to make use of the New Zealand Centre to help access the significant central Chinese market. WREDA is working closely with centre operators to ensure local businesses can make the most of this facility.”
The official opening was attended by a delegation from Wellington including exporters, educational institutions and WREDA staff, with Wellington City Mayor Celia Wade-Brown participating, alongside Xi’an government officials. The centre is owned by private companies, including investors from both China and New Zealand.
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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