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Speculative demand has pushed coffee prices up through the $3 a pound barrier, taking them to their highest level for over 30 years, according to

Arabica coffee prices for July delivery climbed to just over $3 a pound in New York – a price that has not been seen since a devastating frost took prices up to $3.34 in 1977.

Keith Flurry, senior commodity analyst at Rabobank, told that prices broke the $3 mark in New York yesterday despite “no new fundamental information in the last couple of days.”

Speculative demand is therefore thought to have played a role in the latest spike. Flurry said: “Much of the gains past $3.00 were technical with investors seeing strength in the market and buying, which pushes prices higher.”

A weakening dollar encouraged the speculative push by reducing the relative price of coffee for international investors.

Nevertheless, the market analyst said the market had moved initially on more fundamental information.

Next season is off-season for coffee, when farmers let trees recover. There is concern therefore that supplies may be insufficient to meet high demand coming from both developed and emerging market.

The market has also priced the possibility of frosts in Brazil interrupting supplies, hence a “risk premium” has been added to the price.

Although a frost has not hit Brazilian coffee farmers for years, and is unlikely to do so this year as production has largely moved out of the danger zone, there was still a risk and if frost does hit the impact on prices would be major.

Flurry said it there was a frost, the market simply wouldn’t have enough supply to meet demand and price moves could be extreme.

Another factor putting upward pressure on prices is recent rainfall in Colombia which has affected the mid crop harvest. With more rain forecast next month, prices could rise even further in the short term. – Source:


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