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Smart New Zealand technology has caught the eye of Daifuku Co. Ltd, one of Japan’s most powerful companies, and the recent visit of its President and CEO, Masaki Hojo looks likely to open new export doors for local businesses.
Late last year Daifuku bought into airports and logistics technology company BCS, citing the company’s advanced technology and innovation as a major reason for the decision.
Daifuku also met with Associate Minister of Trade, Todd McClay at BCS last month. Earlier this year Mr. Hojo was appointed to the Japan committee of the influential Japan-New Zealand Business Council, which aims to secure a competitive edge for New Zealand trade in the 130 million strong affluent consumer market. It also provides a forum for a high level of interchange of views between business leaders in both countries.
Masaki Hojo said the association with BCS had clearly demonstrated New Zealand companies could significantly expand their markets and capabilities through partnerships with carefully chosen Japanese counterparts.
“The unique ability of New Zealand companies to be agile and move quickly, and put innovative answers to problems, is very attractive and I believe there will be more investment into New Zealand that will bring considerable benefits to help local companies expand and grow,” he said.
BCS CEO, Patrick Teo saw great potential to be the software centre of excellence for the Daifuku Group.  “We have the right environment with a lot of very clever software developers, and the potential could also be expanded to other New Zealand companies to supply innovative Kiwi software into the huge Daifuku group of products.
“The Daifuku association has opened doors for BCS globally, far faster than we could ever have done on our own.  Through Daifuku we have already accelerated our growth plans and are now in a position to win very large $100 million + contracts, catapulting our growth to the next level. “   
Daifuku will also meet with UniServices; Daifuku is a long-time licensee for UniServices, using Professor Jon Boyce’s Inductive Power Transmission in many of their products today.
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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