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Australian business looking at New Zealand food producers.

An Australian businessman is offering a unique opportunity for small and medium sized food producers here in New Zealand to gain entry to Australian Super market chains. They have specifically requested contact with this smaller group rather than the bigger companies that already have exposure in Australia.

This project has the backing of the Australia and New Zealand Business Council.

Initially this project will be run through a Super market in North Adelaide in that it’s their intention to start stocking more New Zealand food, so in essence have a New Zealand Food corner. Their thinking is that this will be a start for these New Zealand Exporters in Australia, and they will follow in the footsteps of Woolworths & Coles who do the bulk of Australian Test Marketing on new lines in South Australia.

Success in this market will drive growth and sales into the other states.

In order for this project to be a total success this business man is only looking for foods of the highest quality and those products that have a history and successful track record of sales in New Zealand via country markets etc.

Australian manufacturers now have to pay for shelve space, but this businessman will arrange with Supermarkets not to charge the New Zealand exporters as he sees them small to medium enterprises, (SME’s) just trying to get a break in the big world as a Food manufacturer.

The Managing Director of the Trade Centre has met with this gentleman personally and he is confidant that he has all the experience and expertise to ensure success.

We are very keen here at the New Zealand Trade Centre to assist this venture in any way we can so If you happen to be in business producing any of the above types of products and would like to learn more about this company or for a personal introduction, please email me, [email protected] or call (09) 366 6879


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