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Auckland-based Coherent Solutions, a world leader in coherent optical communication and photonics test and measurement, has rebranded as Quantifi Photonics.

The new brand reflects the company’s broad portfolio of test and measurement products for the rapidly expanding and diverse global market for photonic devices. Photonics is the technology of using light to create, process, and transmit information, with applications ranging from subsea fibre-optic cables, high speed secure communications, data centres, Silicon Photonics, LIDAR enabled autonomous vehicles, free space optical data transmission and more.

The company was founded in 2012 and has a distinctive approach to test and measurement, starting with very high speed technology using “coherent” optical communications. It has since delivered the world’s highest-performing test and measurement instruments to a range of marquee clients, including Google, NASA, Cisco, leading semiconductor manufacturers and Government research organisations.

Quantifi Photonics has also signed exclusive partnership agreements with global test and measurement companies National Instruments and Tektronix, and generates almost 100% of its sales offshore.

Andy Stevens (pictured above), CEO of Quantifi Photonics says, “From the first subsea fibre-optic cable in the 1980s, the photonics industry has exploded in size and complexity, and we now have near universal mobile and fixed internet capabilities. Photonics enables the Internet of Things (IOT) and is the enabling technology of new 5G networks.”

Andy goes on to say, “What has happened over the last 10 years is that all this amazing technology developed for telecommunications has enabled the development of new products for new markets and applications. For example, autonomous cars that scan the road using laser-based LIDAR systems, and your smart phone’s facial recognition are both built using fundamental photonics technologies.”

The new name, Quantifi Photonics, reflects the expansion of photonics technology well beyond telecommunications, and underpins the company’s vision of being the trusted test and measurement partner for some of the world’s largest technology companies.

According to the latest SPIE Optics and Photonics Report, the global market for photonics enabled devices will reach a staggering US$2.4b in 2020. Quantifi Photonics has a leading role in the test and measurement of existing and emerging technologies, from research and development in the lab through to full scale production environments. Their equipment is used to develop and test key components that are driving the expansion of the industry and gives the company an edge as the market expands.

Lance Wiggs, Director and Manager of the Punakaiki Fund which led the Series-A investment into Coherent Solutions states, “Quantifi Photonics has built a strong range of products that offer high quality modular development and production testing solutions. The company can deliver complete photonics testing solutions for high end photonics-based electronics that replace slow and sometimes manual processes. This removes one of the key barriers to high-volume manufacturing and development of the next generation of photonics equipment. They are selling into a market that is increasingly dominated by a handful of suppliers and aim to be the leading independent player serving clients across the world.

“The company is on a clear path, even with the impact of COVID-19, to turn this into a US$100m revenue business for New Zealand”.

The company is currently considering a Series-B investment round to accelerate their international growth plans and add new capabilities. Find out more at


Glenn Baker

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