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A New Zealand skin cancer expert has developed ‘the world’s first vegan, non-injectable wrinkle reduction serum’, and will star in an international Netflix documentary on skin.

The product is designed to meet growing demand in the US$5bn global dermal filler market with a natural alternative to injectable wrinkle fillers – as well as one that can be tolerated by those with sensitive skin and pregnant women.

Trial data published in the Journal of Clinical & Cosmetic Dermatology, which used 3D imaging to measure changes in patient skin, shows the new serum was able to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 22 percent after three weeks.[1]

Dr Sharad Paul, adjunct Professor at Auckland University of Technology, and senior lecturer of Skin Cancer Medicine at University of Queensland, says development of the No-Tox technology in the serum represents over a decade of research and patient trials.

Dr Paul, who has been featured in Time magazine as one of the world’s celebrity scientists, says his research into skin lines, and understanding how wrinkles develop at a molecular level led to the creation of a new product line for the cosmetic market.

“When we look below a new wrinkle at a microscopic level we can see a process known as lymphangiogenesis underway, which is where a new lymphatic vessel is formed under the skin.

“I have often said that you can’t have bad health and good skin and the rapid onset of wrinkles is really a reflection of what is going on both externally, such as UV damage, and internally, which may include chronic illness or even emotional stress – manifesting on the skin as premature ageing,” he says.

Dr Paul who is currently filming an international documentary on the origins of skin colour for streaming service Netflix across California, Africa and Korea with Emmy Award winning director Nicholas Claxton, says initial US sales have significantly exceeded their projections.

He says talks are underway with national retail chains in the US to expand their bricks & mortar channel presence base with a new distribution deal secured for the North American medspa channel. The product will also be presented at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference (IECSC) in Las Vegas later this month.

“Globally the dermal fillers market is forecast to reach US$9bn within seven years.

“We know there is a significant niche looking for more natural alternatives to injectable fillers and the vegan cosmeceutical market also has significant potential for us.

“Our direct-to-consumer channel has sold over 1,000 units of product within the first six weeks of going on sale in the US.

“This channel alone has put us on track to reach a seven figure revenue within the first year and has meant we can bring forward our omni-channel expansion into other international export markets – including UK and Asia,” he says.

Dr Paul, author of bestseller The Genetics of Health, says a second clinical trial is underway which will compare the efficacy of prescription retinoids with No-Tox technology – marketed under the ‘Skin by Dr Sharad’ brand.


[1] AM, Knight and SP, Paul (2021). Evaluation and Measurement of the Wrinkle-Reduction Performance of a NonToxin Based Topical Skin Serum on Volunteers. Journal of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology 5 (1) . Accessible here.

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