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For anyone wanting to keep in touch with global trends in medical technology, a trip to MEDICA 2016 in November is an absolute must. Exporter previews the world’s number one show for the healthcare industry.
If purchasing power was a measurable resource, there are few trade shows in the world that could rival Messe Dusseldorf’s MEDICA.
With MEDICA 2016, set down for November 14 to 17, the concentration of purchasing power will be reflected by the high level of decision-making competence of the visitors. More than 80 percent of MEDICA’s 130,000 visitors in 2015 were significantly involved in, or provide, professional consultation for purchasing decisions.
Last year’s MEDICA show attracted around 5000 exhibitors from approximately 70 countries, along with another 800 to COMPAMED, the show for suppliers of medical technology that’s held in parallel with the main event. 
This trade fair is a big deal for the world’s healthcare industry because it covers the complete workflow of patient care – including hospital and surgery, laboratory technology, diagnostics, physiotherapy equipment, medical commodities, electro-medicine, ultrasound and endoscopy technology, medical imaging technology, and much more. 
Every category or product group is housed in specific colour-coded halls, allowing visitors to maximise their time.
One of the major trends being played out at recent MEDICA trade fairs has been the digitalisation of patient care and of workflows within hospitals. Visitors will be able to see what the digital future of the healthcare sector looks like via the many exhibitor innovations, as well as the lectures and presentations at the MEDICA Connected Healthcare Forum and the MEDICA Health IT Forum. 
“Wearables’ and smartphone-enabled health apps, which can also be used by patients, have the potential to become an indispensable element of networked health in the future. Countless mobile health applications are currently under development – many focusing on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, as well as the remote monitoring of therapies.
This year, a third forum, the MEDICA Econ Forum will focus on how to finance innovation.
Operating theatre innovation
Medical technology has many exciting aspects, and they can pretty much all be found at MEDICA. For example, operating theatres around the world are the target of new cost efficient technologies. In regard to modern surgery procedures, an ‘integrated’ approach is now preferred. This is where data from medical imaging flows into surgical assistance systems.
There has been great progress in the field of endoscopy and instruments used for minimally invasive surgery procedures – this technology will also be present at MEDICA, along with the latest in 3D equipment.
‘3D’ laparoscopy systems utilise two image sensors that are precisely aligned with each other at the end of the endoscope – delivering a life-like endoscopic 3D image to the surgeon during minimally invasive surgery. The spatial depiction makes it easier for the surgeon to make an assessment with regard to anatomy and the use of instruments.
A number of important conferences will also be held in conjunction with MEDICA 2016, with special emphasis on education.
Around 70 percent of all MEDICA exhibitors will be coming from outside Germany. New Zealand is represented by such leading companies as Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. 
Some 60 percent of visitors are international, and there will be representatives from numerous Kiwi medical and healthcare organisations spending time in the 19 halls of the Düsseldorf fairground complex.
Messe Düsseldorf has long been regarded as the world expert in hosting medical-related fairs, and currently owns and operates similar events in France, India (alternating between Mumbai and New Delhi) and Asia (alternating between Singapore and Bangkok).
MEDICA is not just a trade fair either – an associated web portal provides a year-round forum for the world’s medical and healthcare industry.
For more information about visiting or exhibiting at Messe Düsseldorf trade fairs contact the New Zealand representative, Robert Laing, at Messe Reps. & Travel. Email [email protected] or visit 
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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