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Mobicon recently delivered four Mobicon top frame straddle machines to be used at Northport’s Container Terminal in Port Klang, Malaysia.

“The Mobicon Top Frame Machine is ideal for exporter and importers who have to move 20-foot and 40-foot sea containers around their yard, as it is ideal for limited spaces and does not come with the big price tag of reach stackers and container forklifts,” says Tom Schults, MD of Mobicon NZ. 
“With a tight turning circle, low wheel loads and very economical running costs the Mobicon allows the import/export operations to stack containers two high and manoeuvre easily in tight spaces,” he says.
“For small to medium import/export operations looking to grow their container capacity, the Mobicon top frame machine offers a superior option to gain better efficiency around existing space and productivity.

“Mobicon are known for making quality container handlers that offer the lowest point loads of any mini straddle carrier in the world,” adds Schults. “Mobicon’s top frame machine won’t damage the concrete or bitumen of an average industrial yard, unlike other three and four wheel straddle carriers on the market today.

“For importers/exporters fully understanding what a container handling machine will cost their operation in the long term should be one of the most important factors to consider before making a purchase.

“Sometimes we talk to clients who like the look of container handlers with a three wheel design, however the reality is that such a machine may not be fit for purpose, as the wheel loadings may exceed the capacity of their yard surface. Studying what options are suitable can save huge yard repair bills and the cost of downtime. Also, the maintenance over the lifetime of a machine has to be taken into account.  

“Looking at the quality of the parts and fittings on the machine before buying will also amount to huge savings down the line,” says Schults.
“When we designed the Mobicon Top Frame we looked at all of our options to assess what would make the Mobicon the best value for our customers. Taking a chance on a design and hoping that it works just because it is a little less expensive in our experience, never pays off. 

“In addition to cost savings, other factors we encourage import/export operations to consider, that are not always obvious when buying a container handler, are issues such as training, staffing and safety.  

“Side loaders, forklifts, and reach stackers are expensive to buy and also have the added cost of needing licenced operators. The Mobicon Top Frame doesn’t need a special operating licence, and due to its stability is a safer solution. 

“The Mobicon Top Frame machine has the added safety features of engagement sensors and colour cameras for twistlock engagement, and is designed for lifting and moving containers, and unlike Forklifts and Sideloading Trailers will not tip over. 

“By assessing container handling machines as a complete package over a life-time, not just its purchase price, you can save hundreds of thousands in unexpected repair costs, labour bills and lost income due to unexpected downtime,” says Schults.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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