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TradeWindow teams up with Mastercard to simplify cross-border payments and increase access to trade finance

TradeWindow, a software company that provides digital solutions for exporters, importers, freight forwarders and customs brokers, has announced a collaboration with Mastercard to increase trust across the supply chain and boost cashflow for Australasian businesses through integrated cross-border payments solutions.

Digitisation has brought physical supply chains and financial supply chains closer together, however many companies and particularly SMEs have limited access to digital services and can find international trade complex, time-consuming and costly.    

To address this, TradeWindow has integrated Mastercard’s payment network and technology with their digital trade platform ‘Cube’. The combined innovation platform will improve trust between trading partners and support event-based payment triggers, enabling earlier payment options and better reconciliation.

TradeWindow CEO, AJ Smith says that the partnership with Mastercard is an exciting step for the NZX listed software company. “Our aim is to make cross border trade easier for exporters, and also support the acceleration of global trade. Working with a trusted global technology leader like Mastercard, TradeWindow is advancing a secure and robust payment and trade finance offering on our platform that will help our customers to grow their export, import and trade-related businesses,” says Smith.

Commenting on the collaboration, Claire Thompson, Executive Vice President, Global Trade, Mastercard Enterprise Partnerships said “By combining our payments technology with TradeWindow, our collaboration aims to remove barriers to cross-border trade, simplifying payment processes and empowering Australasian businesses with integrated and automated solutions that help them to pay and get paid more easily.”


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