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This privately owned New Zealand Company is looking for buyers, agents and distributors worldwide.

Currently they export to Japan and Russia as well as servicing the local market here in New Zealand but are actively seeking markets in the USA, Canada, Germany, Scandinavia, the UK as well as further expanding their current Japanese presence.

They will how-ever welcome all enquiry from other countries.

In a world where the consumer is constantly requesting the highest quality products that are also ecologically sound, environmentally safe and toxic-free they respond by delivering what the market demands. This achieved by the use of pure NZ wool.

Being a natural product, wool offers insulation, and a host of other benefits.No harmful substances; its non-irritant, non-allergenic, non-toxic and odorless.

About 10% of a homes heat can be lost through the floor, 24% through the walls and a whopping 40% through the ceiling, so the wool insulation creates a thermal barrier against the hot summer sun and helps keep heat inside the home in winter, making it a more comfortable place to live.

Being well insulated will result in you using less energy to heat and cool your home resulting in cost savings. When you consider that up to 40% of household energy is used in water heating and another 40% is used in household heating, it is easy to see how savings can be made.

If your home is cold, damp or draughty you can be assured that this company will have the products required to eliminate the concern. A testament to this fact is the company’s involvement with the Snug Homes project which has offered Auckland, warmer dryer and healthier homes.

If you or someone you know is interested in being personally introduced to this company contact me, Laurie Witham at [email protected] or phone (09) 366 6879.


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