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 This company is a New Zealand grown company committed to uncompromising standards in therapeutic plant oils. All of their materials are fully researched and sourced globally to meet strict quality and ethical requirements. And every product professionally crafted to support a well-balanced lifestyle in harmony with nature

They head a contemporary shift in standards for aromatherapy with their term “therapeutic plant oils”. Only the purest natural ingredients – from growing, to harvesting, to extraction – work effectively and safely with the body in a truly therapeutic partnership. Their pristine products are the result of a founding pledge to honor nature and work with integrity, on all levels. This is why their products really can contribute to the quality of your life

This company has no interest in cashing in on a popular fad. They are specialists in aromatherapy and always have been. As the Natural Health Industry continues to grow and update, they remains steadfast in their focus, which means their expertise is refined and their products lead the field.

Their unrivalled range is designed and nurtured by the company founder. Since founding this stand-alone company in 1988, her teaching and research in natural healthcare and aromatherapy is widely known and professionally acknowledged. Not least, 15 years of hands on practitioner care in her tandem Auckland practice has consistently reinforced her unerring faith in her own products for restoring and maintaining healthful balance.

Big enough to compete, small enough to care.

They are able to service their customers with exceptional flexibility due to our on-going research, certified organic in-house factory and on-site aromatherapy clinic. They can work to accommodate local markets, design products for specific needs and, because we source direct from select suppliers, we can guarantee purity on an unrivalled range of products.

The entire company ethos is about quality, integrity and striving for excellence and was built on a commitment to providing the best service with the best natural products possible. This means we raise the bar on ourselves, daily.

To learn more about this company or for a personal introduction, please email me, [email protected] or call (09) 366 6879.


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