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This well established New Zealand publishing company is dedicated to producing an integrated series of Early Readers and Teachers Manuals for use in schools and by homeschoolers. Now they are ready to take that extra step and grow their sales to a truly international market.

Having been successful in New Zealand since creation and in this time being a true influence in the development of many young Kiwi minds, Jill is now looking to the children from all corners of the world to pick-up and learn from her books.

Currently exporting in small quantities to many countries including, Australia the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK but they are now looking for new buyers. The agencies for these areas are complete but an opportunity still exists for buyers and dealers.

Being privately owned and operated here in New Zealand gives this lady the luxury of being able to produce publications that she knows will help to develop the reading and understanding of English without outside influence.

These books are fun both for the children, the parents and teachers, many hundreds of thousands of these books are now in New Zealand schools.

Twenty three years as a primary school teacher in New Zealand combined with this ladies obvious writing talents has armed this lady with all the skills and ideas required to gain the attention of any child.

A major point of difference with these books is, while being educationally structured for teaching new readers; they follow the adventures of a group of five genderless, cultureless frogs and a dog.

Most children immediately bond with these fun, colourful characters, which greatly improves their enthusiasm for reading. It really won’t matter what language your child speaks they will truly love these books.

All the books have one caring friendly mentor for the entire reading series, a frog being an enthusiastic and encouraging friend to the new reader. These frogs 24, stories form a safe broad base for anyone learning English. They are simple, yet have an identifiable and often humorous climax to them.

Consolidating 23 basic words with a variety sentence structure, genre and topics are the objective for filled by this genderless frog. What a great idea, creating a genderless character that our young sons and daughters can relate too. They are sure to find happiness and delight in simple things that feature strongly throughout this series.

This company is incredibly proud of the products and the people who have helped to build them to where they are today, now we have the opportunity to take them to a whole new level.

If you or someone you know is interested in being personally introduced to this company contact me, Laurie Witham at [email protected] or phone (09) 366 6879.

As well as the above company we have a data base of 6000 plus New Zealand companies looking to get in-touch with people just like you, so don’t hesitate to contact me, (Laurie Witham) on the above details.


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