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This privately owned New Zealand Company is looking for buyer’s agents and distributors worldwide.

This company produces the very best of gourmet foods currently they market their products in New Zealand and Australia, however with the world getting continuously smaller they believe the time is right for looking at further expanding their export opportunities.

They are now looking for markets in North America, Japan, Europe, India, China and the Middle East. They will however welcome all enquiries from other countries.

Since their establishment in 1992, their philosophy has been to use time-honored recipes to create foods of delectable quality. They have used and continue to use only the finest and freshest natural ingredients whilst adhere to the highest quality standards at all times.

In keeping with this traditional approach to cooking, they present their products using delightful, country-inspired packaging. This combination of fine produce and traditional packaging makes any product from this companies range suitable as a gift for any occasion.

This company sells its products through selected retailers who all endorse their traditional approach to gourmet food preparation and packaging. In-store merchandising is undertaken in such a manner that the “traditional” ambience of the company is upheld. At a service level, traditional values again come to the fore, with our retailer / distributor relationships built on values like personal service and integrity.

So if you happen to be looking for mouth-watering gourmet foods made from the best relish recipes this company has something for everyone. A great range of chutney, mango chutney, and hot pepper relishes that will enhance any dinner table. Or for the more adventurous palette, pawpaw and coriander, curried banana and tamarillo with cardamom.

When the dinner is finished and you want to bring the desert to life they also create the best bottled dessert sauces to pour over your favorite treat. Chocolate sauce, Caramel sauce and more – this gourmet food company has all you will ever need. A fantastic relish and desert sauce selection that would a be a stunning addition to any pantry .

Contact us now for a personal introduction to this company. Contact me, Laurie Witham at [email protected] or phone (09) 366 6879


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