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This small artisan boutique winery producing wines from hand harvested grapes only sourced from their vineyards and growers in Marlborough on New Zealand’s South Island is the newest addition to the Exporter Directory.

This Vineyard is jointly owned and operated by a fifth generation winemaker from Ruedesheim, Rheingau, Germany and a gentleman from Marlborough. Both winemakers trained in the world-famous wine area of Rheingau in Germany. One of the pair studied for her degree in viticulture and oenology at Geisenheim University while the other was a guest student there. They continued to work for renowned wineries in Germany and New Zealand before setting up their own Cellars in 1991.

Currently they make all wines on site combining the traditions of the art of winemaking with modern technology. Their principals are to crop at a very low level to enhance fruit quality and flavours, harvesting the grapes predominately by hand and interfering as little as possible with vines and wines.

The estate vineyard is close-planted in European tradition and not irrigated. The winery is build multi-leveled to utilise gravity rather than pumping wines.  A modern laboratory ensures control of fermentations but is not seen as a substitute to regular organoleptic evaluations of the wines.

They Established their underground cellar 1993, thus providing them with a cool, stable temperature and high natural humidity of this unique cellar provide ideal storage. These conditions allow the maturation of wines in French Barriques and German barrels

A very traditional cellar enables them to produce their flagship wines.

To learn more about this company or for a personal introduction, please email me, [email protected] or call (09) 366 6879


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