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Starting a business is hard enough, but successfully growing your export business can be overwhelming. 

Government agency, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, is running Export Essentials workshops to make exporters’ journey smoother by giving you the tools and action plan you need to reach your exporting goals.  

The next Auckland two-day workshops are on March 28 (day one) and April 11 (day two).

If you’re not yet exporting, but are serious about getting it right from the start, these workshops will help you prepare and build a strong pathway for international growth.

If you’re already exporting, these workshops will help you get better results with current partners and customers, get ready for new international markets, and help ensure you’re on the best path for future growth.

Export Essentials is the best place for exporters who understand the importance of building an export plan, but need help with applying the concepts to their business, and follow a structured and proven process to build an export plan.

The areas that this workshop will cover are:

*Developing market selection methods so you can select, validate and then focus on the markets that present the biggest opportunity for your business. 
*Finding a channel partner that shares your values and truly understands your business and the audience you want to reach, and understand how to best pitch your business to them.
*Creating a unique value proposition for your business that tells a powerful story that deeply connects with your customers and channel partners.
*Using value chain analysis to find the best pathway and channel options for a new market. 
*Planning your market entry to set yourself up for success from day one.
*Our Export Essentials workshops address these pain points and more, to save you time, money, stress and ultimately, lead you on the path to growth success.



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