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Pictured above: Chitra Shinde, VP Operations DHL Express and team.

DHL Express has been awarded a 2024 World Customs Organization Certificate of Merit by the New Zealand Customs Service.

This award recognises DHL’s collaboration with New Zealand’s law enforcement authorities to identify suspicious shipments and combat criminal infiltration in the supply chain.

DHL Express received the award in recognition of customs administrations across the world working to deepen their existing partnerships and forming new alliances in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Airfreight industries are increasingly being exploited by organised crime groups to smuggle goods such as narcotics, weapons and tobacco. With industry partners joining forces with law enforcement, the fight against organised cross-border crime and customs controls can become more effective, preventing the flow of illegal shipments and creating safer transport flows.

“DHL Express has been working closely with customs authorities by exchanging industry knowledge and intelligence on shipments to aid in investigations. The aim is to minimise the risk of infiltration into goods flows and prevent customs criminal activities,” says Glenn Simpson, Senior Security Manager, DHL Express New Zealand.

As part of the collaboration, DHL Express service centres staff recently received training from customs specialists on spotting and identifying suspicious shipments and behaviours.

“We already have effective procedures and methods in place, and our employees are meticulous and attentive. With customs authorities’ continued support, we can further sharpen the organisations capabilities in preventing crime,” says Simpson.


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