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Feeding the world

For those firms engaged in New Zealand’s Agritech export industry there are exciting times ahead. Overseas markets want our expertise, innovation and leading edge technology to help safeguard food protein production for future generations. Agritech is an industry sector that holds a great deal of promise.
How to combat copycats

A strategic IP plan can help an export firm unlock the true value
of its assets and protect both brand and products in offshore markets. By Yoke Har Lee.
InCOMING: An update for importers
A round-up of news and views for New Zealand’s trading companies. Compiled by Daniel Silva, secretary of the Importers Institute.
A new perspective on pallets
Exporter talks to DoubleEco’s Trevor Burgess, who believes that when it comes to shipping goods overseas the case for cardboard pallets can no longer be ignored.
Busting the barriers to export  excellence
Leigh Paulden highlights the five key factors firms must correctly address if they are to succeed in international markets.
Q&A: Capital, courage and capability
Ant Howard and John Quirk are directors of Howard & Company – a strategic, investment and advisory firm which specialises in growing promising Kiwi businesses on the international stage.
The power of video
In the not too distant future, video will establish itself as a major export enabler in its drive to making business ‘more human’.
Accessing China’s F&B market

Demand for imported premium F&B products continues in China. The FTA has lowered tariff barriers and enhanced market access; however, at the Customs border complex challenges remain. Damon Paling offers some insights and solutions.
Building your brand in Taiwan
With the ANZTEC trade agreement applying from January 2014, Cameron Gordon explains what it all means for food and beverage exporters.
Ten things to remember when doing business in Mexico
Upping the ante on digital marketing
North American Beachheads advisor and marketing expert Allen Weiss explains how digital marketing can help new exporters achieve their goals.
Locked on timber

Lockwood homes have been a familiar sight around New Zealand for more than 60 years; there’s also an export story worthy of recognition.
The curious case of Dowdeswell’s Delphiniums
Exporter reveals the story behind Terry and Janice Dowdeswell’s long-term export success.
Shanghai surprise
Boost New Media chose China for its first export foray, and nobody is more surprised at the success of this bold venture than founder Nathan Donaldson.
Natural selection
Bioactive natural health products are big business worldwide, and  Manuka Health is one of the world’s leading producers.