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European Reawakening
While still not completely out of the woods, the European market is showing definite signs of economic recovery. Market analysts say now’s a good time for New Zealand’s exporters to weigh up opportunities in the UK and on the continent. 
Making Logistical Sense
With the latest 3PL developments and new services by freight forwarders and shippers, supply chain control is now a lot easier.
INCOMING: An update for Importers 
A roundup of news and views for New Zealand’s trading companies.
CASE STUDY: Export Services to bank on
The Small Business Company has made inroads into the online content space of leading US banks.
Enforcing intellectual property rights in China
China’s latest efforts to promote the protection of IP within its borders.
How to succeed at overseas bidding 
Airborne Honey’s Peter Bray answers questions on the current issues facing honey exports.
What every export orientated CEO should know about intellectual property.
Rethinking the middle east
Clayton Kimpton explains the new market initiatives. 
South America's promising trade future 
NZTE regional director Karlene Davis advises exporters to see beyond top-line economic signals.
It's the little things that really matter
What it takes for F&B exporters to achieve long term success in Southeast Asia.
Leadership American Style
Ben Anderson, chair of NZTE’s Beachheads Advisory Board, North America, offers advice on recruiting senior staff in the US.
Raising our equestrian brand
HorseNZ International is a unique export venture significantly raising this country’s profile offshore. 
Blended in NZ 
Ollie McDermott and Ben Thomsen are passionate about helping create successful products for export markets.
Solutions focused
Dynamic Controls is a world leader in electronic solutions for people with disabilities.
Shared Enthusiasm
Peter Owens profiles Keith Neylon’s sheep cheese export business.