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Millions of public transport users worldwide are demanding more flexible travel options. Wellington software developer Snapper has an innovative smartphone app that helps deliver those options. all aboard as CEO Miki Szikszai shares their journey.


High interest in NZ wine at ProWein
The biggest headache for organisers of ProWein 2017, the world’s largest trade fair for wines and spirits, will be meeting the demand for exhibitor space. 

China plays catch-up
For a long time China lagged behind the rest of the world on intellectual property. But that is rapidly changing.

Healthy prospects
New Zealand’s Health IT sector has a huge opportunity to grow its international presence and deliver significant export returns. A number of innovative companies are already leading the charge.

Some logic on logistics
When it comes to managing freight and logistics, our geographical distance from world markets creates unique challenges. Exporter identifies some of the issues and goes in search of the answers.

Big ships spell greater efficiency
A collaboration of exporters is behind the delivery of the largest container ship to ever visit New Zealand waters.

10 tips on working with freight forwarders
Dr Romuald Rudzki offers some practical advice to help you get the most value from your freight and logistics partner.


Barriers And Breakthroughs
Indonesia has traditionally been a tough nut to crack for Kiwi F&B exporters. But, as Nada Young reports, there has been some recent progress made.

Are The Days Of Wine And Honey In China About To Buzz Off?
China’s regulatory changes for wine and honey imports are on the way. Rod MacKenzie backgrounds the changes and what it will all mean for exporters.

Southeast Asia: Making A Connection
Blogger networks and well-considered connections are both essential strategies for exporters targeting the Southeast Asian region.


Joiy to the world
Chris Archer is a winemaking veteran whose achievements span both sides of the Tasman. In recent times he’s dropped the traditional winemaker’s business model and adopted a more innovative approach with a new global beverage category led by his Joiy branded ‘single-serve’ aromatic sparkling wine.