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Facebook is introducing four new cross border solutions to make it easier for businesses to grow internationally. They are particularly useful for Kiwi exporters wanting to reach new customers in multiple markets.  

More than 1.2 billion people on Facebook are connected to a small business in another country. As more people around the world come online, Kiwi businesses have an opportunity to connect with new customers, many of whom live in different cities, regions or countries. 
That’s why last year Facebook introduced cross-border solutions to provide a bridge for businesses to the new global, mobile economy.

Now Facebook has introduced four new cross-border solutions or tools to make it easier for all businesses to grow; around the corner or around the world.

The new tools are:
1. Dynamic language optimization – means businesses can include multiple languages in one campaign, and Facebook will match the right language to the right person, at the right time.
2. Multi-country lookalike audiences – means an exporter can find their next best customers in any combination of countries or regions.
3. Multi-city targeting (pictured) – businesses can target all cities above a certain population size without having to do research or add the cities individually.
4. Facebook IQ Cross-Border Insights Finder – provides comparative country data based on past campaign performance across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

MitoQ case study
MitoQ is a privately-owned health and beauty business. Its anti-ageing skincare and supplements are based on a New Zealand breakthrough in antioxidant technology which is designed to improve mitochondrial function to deliver energy to your cells, improving health-span and combating ageing brought about by poor cellular performance.

MitoQ has heavily utilized digital sales and marketing channels and have a clear idea of the profile of their customers, but face the time and cost of finding and engaging them in over 20 culturally and geographically diverse markets throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. 

Under CEO Greg Macpherson the MitoQ team has been using Facebook tools which utilize their knowledge of what MitoQ’s best customers look like to then find new audiences. The new Facebook tools mean this process can be replicated in multiple countries (or even cities) at a time, and the advertising is automatically presented to each user in their own language.  

“We know our customers well, and they become loyal, but reaching new potential customers across multiple markets, across multiple languages, and simultaneously managing campaigns to convert them into customers is a challenge for a small business chasing global opportunities,” says Greg Macpherson, CEO of MitoQ. “Facebook is our bridge to international consumers and as we learn what works for each audience we can easily and efficiently replicate it, improving the return on marketing dollars invested.”

Kaylie Smith, Head of SMB, Facebook Australia and New Zealand, says mobile has fundamentally changed the way people consume content, make purchases and connect with businesses, and this presents a tremendous opportunity to New Zealand exporters like MitoQ. 

“Our new tools help fast growing exporters cost effectively reach the right audiences interested in their product or service wherever they are in the world.”

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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