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WoolAid has taken out the prestigious Supreme Winner title for Product of the Year 2023 at the largest international Outdoor Retailer expo, held recently in North America.

In good company with other Kiwi success stories, such as Icebreaker, Kathmandu and AllBirds, who have previously won lesser awards at the expo, WoolAid is the first Kiwi company to be awarded the Supreme Winner title.

Designed in Lake Tekapo, and founded by Kiwi Lucas Smith, WoolAidTM is the world’s first wool adhesive plaster that helps with all types of everyday wound management and recovery.

Much like plastic straws, the days of the estimated 50 billion plastic plasters sold globally every year are numbered, with WoolAid’s plaster solution naturally better for both wounds and the world.

WoolAid’s performance-driven, sustainable bandage is made from hyperfineTM merino wool, meaning it is naturally breathable for healing wounds, and the plaster fabric biodegrades within four months of being in soil.

Wool can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour and wick it away, making WoolAid a breathable option for covering cuts and scrapes. The hyperfine merino is also naturally tough, yet comfortably soft and flexible.

WoolAid is sterile and uses medical grade adhesive, ensuring it’s up to the tough task of covering wounds and helping them heal.

Louise Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer says WoolAid is a revolution in the plaster space. “If you’re currently using the big brands to cover your scrapes and scratches, then you’re almost certainly using petro-chemicals and plastic to heal them.

“But as we all know, single-use plastic is damaging our planet, and that extends to plastic plasters.

“Our world, and our wellness deserve better. The Outdoor Retailer ‘Product of the Year’ award is the most prestigious in the North American outdoor industry, so Lucas and I are delighted to be flying the Kiwi flag on the international stage,” says Cunningham.


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Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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