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Wellington pet care company, Heyrex, has launched its wearable technology to the global veterinarian marketplace using the North American Veterinary Community Conference and Western Veterinary Conference in the US as the main platforms to introduce its unique veterinary service.
Already a success story, the revolutionised Heyrex pet data collection solution is only  available from veterinary clinics as a vetcare product to aid in the recovery of dogs post-surgery, those on a weight-loss programme or those with medical issues that need regular vet supervision – essentially allowing vets to extend their pet care beyond the hospital door.
All data collected by Heyrex monitors is analysed and presented straight to the vet for use in standard veterinary treatment use cases. Data and information is also made available to the owners in reports that engage the pet owner in the care process and maximize client compliance during treatment at home following a clinical procedure.
Heyrex includes a monitor designed in Wellington that fits a dog's regular collar and collects data that builds a profile of the dog's behaviour. It achieves this by recording every aspect of a dog's activity and identifying changes pertinent to its wellbeing. The information is transferred to the Heyrex receiver whenever the dog is within range. 
Exercise levels, scratching, sleep quality and other behavioural or health issues are all monitored and wireless technology transmits the data from monitor to the Heyrex cloud service, sending automatic notifications when behaviour changes, improves or indicates a health problem. 
“The Heyrex service is presented in a module format. Each module can be used for a specific purpose in providing veterinary care including setting diets by utilizing the Heyrex global food database, exercise regimes for rest and recuperation, weight loss and training, cage rest for post surgical confinement, sleep patterns to identify night time pain and behaviour issues as well as the early identification of illness and lameness,” explains Heyrex chief executive Nathan Lawrence. “In America alone, an estimated 52.6 percent of dogs are overweight or obese, so there are a lot of dogs we can help through offering our products to veterinarians around the world.”

Available in CareVets veterinary clinics in New Zealand, Heyrex is also in use in the US, France, Brazil, Australia, UK, Canada and the Czech Republic. 
“We’re at an exciting stage of development,” says Lawrence. “Our focus on the global veterinarian market will solidify our position as an innovative market leader around the world and I’m so proud we’ve been able to do it all from our New Zealand home base.”
The company behind Heyrex also makes the unique Torus drinking bowls that stores fresh water inside the bowls’ walls to ensure topped-up water, protected from dust and contaminants, wherever you go. The Torus pet water bowl has been a huge hit in North America with sales on and Amazon Canada and is now distributed in 12 countries.
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