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Company-X has been named Services Exporter of the Year at the recent ExportNZ awards.

“From the start, the company has shown exemplary strategic discipline, with clear vision and carefully considered plans for export,” said ExportNZ Regional Director Catherine Lye.

The award, open to businesses with export revenue of up to $10 million, was presented to director Jeremy Hughes at a recent gala dinner at the Sky City Convention Centre in Auckland.
The awards recognise excellence in businesses building extraordinary and sustainable export growth. 

Software developed in Hamilton by Company-X developers is being used across the world by international companies, some based in New Zealand, others in the United States of America.
Lye said the judges enjoyed their visit to Company-X’s headquarters at Wintec House, Hamilton. There they saw software development in action.

“All the finalists were of excellent quality but there were a number of elements that proved your entry to be the winner,” Lye told Company-X.
“Company-X is a creative software developer with an exciting future. Five years ago, two experienced consultants (David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes) brought together complementary skills in business and software development to establish this fast-growing enterprise,” Lye said.
“Agile project development processes have enabled Company-X to deliver staged results, assuring customers of progress and allowing flexibility to meet changing needs.
“The judges were unanimous in complimenting the company’s export growth strategies, risk management processes and ethical approach. Particularly impressive was the positive and open culture and the enthusiasm that pervaded all operations. Now a multi-million-dollar enterprise, with an impressive client base and an entrepreneurial focus, Company-X is poised for a bright future.”

Speaking at the awards dinner, Jeremy said entering the awards was a challenging, but fun process. Their questions were challenging, probing deep into the company, and causing great reflection.
“So, for us, just that, itself, was hugely valuable,” Hughes said. He thanked the Company-X team of nearly 40 talented men and women.

Business advisor Steve Murray also received thanks for his support of Company-X.
“That’s really a take a horse to water situation,” Hughes said. “It’s easy to take someone to new ideas, but it’s hard to change the way they think, and Steve’s been really able to do that, so I’d like to thank him here for that.”

Hughes’ wife, Katherine, and fellow director David Hallett’s wife, Raewyn, also received thanks for their support of Company-X. And Hallett backed his fellow director.

“Being named Services Exporter of the Year is the result of Company-X’s carefully considered plans combined with the hard work from our team of nearly 40 clever and talented men and women. We don’t call them the X men and X women for nothing!
“We would like to congratulate every member of the Company-X team for their work over the last five years which has got the company to where it is today.”

The ExportNZ Award is the fourth award Company-X has been associated with in the last year.
The One Network Road Classification Performance Measures Reporting Tool (ONRC PMRT) Company-X built won the Roading Asset Management Innovation Award at this year’s Road Infrastructure Management Forum in Auckland. 
Late last year Jeremy was a finalist in the 2016 New Zealand Excellence in IT Awards and Company-X was a finalist in the Strategy and Planning category of the Westpac Waikato Business Awards for 2016.

Photo: Company-X directors David Hallet (left) and Jeremy Hughes with the Services Exporter of the Year award.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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